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Take your HACCP program to the next level

Wiley's complete HACCP certification lets you learn this food safety program and then become a HACCP trainer - so you can both create your organization's HACCP plan and train those who will implement it. Enter the training portal to find HACCP training sessions, individual trainers, and more!

HACCP Benefits

  • Recognized by the FDA
  • Encompasses both Food Safety and Food Defense
  • Fully Integrates Food Safety and Defense with daily operations
  • Defines measureable benchmarks for regulatory compliance
  • Required by law for K-12 public schools, as well as the military
  • Increasingly the standard for large chains and corporate providers

Wiley HACCP Certification Benefits

  • The only program with certifications graded and stored by a respected third party, Compliance Solutions, Inc.
  • Certifications are portable and archived for easy retrieval
  • Offers both basic and advanced level training
  • Offers train-the-trainer workshops, so you can develop in-house expertise
  • Clearly organized course promotes effective learning
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